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An outside-the-box stunt by a school in India designed to prevent cheating backfired after it became the subject of widespread backlash.  Photos showing students wearing boxes over their heads at Bhagat Pre-University College as they took an exam recently circulated the internet, prompting an apology from a school official amid the ensuing controversy, the BBC reported. Advertisement  The boxes used during the exam each had portions cut out of one side that allowed students to see forward while cutting down on their peripheral views.  A school administrator said he was sorry for the unusual measure, which he told BBC Hindi was conducted on an “experimental basis.”  “There was no compulsion of any kind. You can see in the photograph that some students were not wearing it,” MB Satish told the outlet. “Some who wore it removed it after 15 minutes, some after 20 minutes and we ourselves asked them to remove it after one hour.”  He also contended that the students gave their consent to wear the boxes and had even brought them in from home ahead of the chemistry test. The photos from the scene show a class sitting in rows with nearly every student wearing a box on his or her head.  Satish said he employed the cardboard box strategy for his school — which is located in Haveri, Karnataka — after hearing about the now widely panned technique elsewhere.  The school says it is no longer employing the box idea following the wave of pushback.


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