Wear it Right: Dress Code for expats to respect local customs

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Shura and municipal council members in Oman are calling for stronger enforcement of the dress codes laid out for expatriates in the country, after many were found to be flouting these regulations.

The news came after a meeting led by the Municipal Affairs Committee in Muttrah discussed what they considered the ‘negative phenomena’ of both men and women not adhering to the dress codes that they were expected to follow in public places, particularly in malls.

The committee, which was chaired by the Wali of Muttrah, and the chairman of the committee, Ahmed bin Hilal Al Busaidi, in the presence of committee members, suggested issuing legislation or a decision that applies to all in terms of determining the dress code in public places.

Officials have called for foreign nationals in the country to respect the cultures, traditions and codes of the Sultanate of Oman, to avoid hurting local sentiments and to ensure that they follow the law in this regard.

“Citizens, residents, and visitors to Oman must abide by the rules by wearing modest dress in public places and respecting the rules of the community," according to Salim Al Ghamari, a member at the Muscat Municipal Council. “At the entrance of most shopping malls, you find regulations calling for the need to adhere to modest clothing in respect of the traditions of Omani society. You find signs that say, ‘please wear respectful clothing’, and in this context, we advise covering one’s shoulders and knees."

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