Easy DIY Gnome Shoes - Glam up your Gnome's shoes using Dollar Tree …

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I love making Gnome shoes. As soon as I finish one pair, I can't wait to start another pair. This tutorial will teach you basic techniques that can be adjusted to fit whatever style of Gnome shoes you would like to make. It is customizable and so easy. No Sew Gnome shoes are the only way to go! I picked up the items from the Dollar Tree, but every once in a while a few of the supplies needed are out of stock, so I also put a link below with Amazon links to similar items.

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Dollar Tree Items

(Straws) Yard Balloon Sticks, 4-ct. Packs 3 ft (91.4 cm)
Duct Tape
Tool Bench Hardware Colorful Duct Tape
Crafter’s Square Felt
Clear Plastic Condiment Cups with Lids, 10-ct
Easter Eggs
Crafter’s Square Bakers Twine
Crafter’s Square Glass Beads can be a little tiny
Home Collection Printed Polyester Grilling Towels, 15x25 In.
Ladybug Skirt
Textured Luxe Faux Fur Pillows
Adhesive Diamond Wrap

Amazon Links

Big Balloon Stick with Cups , 15 Pcs Long Clear Balloon Holder for LED Bobo Balloons 27" Long Balloon Sticks Link -

Beads for Shoe rivets - Link -

Condiment Cups - Link -

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Easy Pom Pom Tutorial -

How to make Gnomes with shoes -

Easy Gnome Tutorial / No Feet -

Easy Gnome Tutorial / With EASY FEET -

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