4 Fall Shoe Trends for EVERYONE | W/ Naomi Boyer | Christie Ferrari

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Super excited to bring you all today a brand new video on Fall Trends (SHOP THE SHOES BELOW)! And today, I've partnered with the amazing Naomi Boyer! That's right, we each chose 2 of our favorite shoe trends for Fall and are discussing them in detail with examples! We're talking white boots, snakeskin boots, squared-toe shoes and combat boots!

Square toe shoes:
One’s I’m wearing - Ankle boots

Similar and more affordable Ankle boots:

Blue square toe sandals ones I show

Black square toed sandals

Combat boots:
Ones I’m wearing:

Prada combat boots:

Similar and more affordable:

Another similar and more affordable:

Another similar and more option:

Naomi’s shoes:
White boots:
Snakeskin boots:


Christie Ferrari is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger whose goal is to help normalize people’s daily struggles, whether those are what outfit to pick, what bag to invest in, or how to cope with some of life’s tough moments. Aside from her photography, which is showcased on her Instagram page, her site houses her weekly bag and shoe review series (Hot Bag/Shoe Alerts), wellness column (Dr C.) and details on her shopping lists and outfits. Prior to diving into the fashion industry as a blogger, Christie worked as a psychologist, having earned her Doctorate and completed her training at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.



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