Transforming a Young Man’s Shoes for His First Job: Full JR resole and…

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Visit for all of your shoe care needs.

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Products Used in this video:

Saphir Leather Lotion:

Saphir Medaille d’Or Cream Polish in Mahogany:

Saphir Pate De Lux Wax Polish in Mahogany:

Saphir Horse Hair Brush:

Saphir Pig Bristle Brush:

Saphir Welt Brush:

Need help with a mirror shine? Here’s my in depth tutorial: A COMPLETE, DETAILED, & UNCUT GUIDE TO A MIRROR SHINE: A GUARANTEED SHINE

A guide to sole savers:

My Experience at the Allen Edmonds Trunk Show:

The Elegant Oxford is a Clothing & Apparel Project Offering Premium Shoe Restorations, Patinas, & Artisan Shines for Quality Men’s Shoes.
If you have any questions or would like your pair shined, email me at

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