Announcement Of Our First Sale

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This is an announcement of our first pop-up Live Stream Jewelry Sale.


***** PLEASE READ THE TERMS & RULES LISTED BEFORE BUYING !! Thank You!! ****** ______________________________________________________________________________

#1 - We are selling to the USA only (sorry, no international shipping)
#2 -- If you have not yet purchased from me, YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME BEFORE REQUESTING ANY ITEMS!!!
#4 --PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED: Shipping via USPS First Class Mail & USPS Priority ***NOTE: If you purchase more than one lot, I will always try to combine shipping where I can for the least amount of $$ for you. I hate over-paying for shipping, so I am certainly going to try to keep the costs down because who loves over paying for shipping? NO ONE! :-) ALSO NOTE: Pirateship will be used whenever possible.
#5 – You must email me at the address above to be able to purchase any item with your YouTube screen-name, your real first and last name, physical address, email address, PayPal address.
#6 - Payment by PayPal Invoice within 48 hours and shipping to PayPal approved address only for everyone's protection.
#7 - We will need your email address used by PayPal, Name & shipping address for the PayPal invoice
#8 - If payment is not received within 48 hours from the time the PayPal Invoice is sent, it will be put back in inventory and sold in the next sale/Auction.
#9 -- Except for the brand new items out of my personal collection, all of these pieces are pre-owned & ALL PIECES ARE sold AS IS, WHERE IS. So please make sure to ask any questions BEFORE ordering.
#10 -- Once an item leaves my hands, I no longer have control over what happens in transit. Please consider purchasing insurance!

Thank you so much for subscribing, liking, commenting, and supporting us on this journey. We are so thankful that you choose to spend time with us & we are extremely happy you're on this adventure with us!

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